Видео– и телевизионные фильмы и другие видеоисточники

Видео– и телевизионные фильмы и другие видеоисточники

Interviews with Hernбn Ancin, Jorge Batinic, and Catalina Gomero, video courtesy of editorial director Ricardo D’Aloia, Diario Ambito Financiero, Buenos Aires, 2008.

Interviews with Catalina Gomero and Rochus Misch, in Secret History: Hitler of the Andes by David Howard and Madoc Roberts, Barking Mad Productions, for Channel 4, UK, 2003.

Interview with Ingeborg Schaeffer, Eyeworks Quatre Cabezas, Berlin, 2007.

BBC Television documentary, “Children of the Master Race,” part of the series The Last Nazis, Minnow Films, London, broadcast 2010.

Channel 7 Argentina. La Cornisa. Reporter: Martin Jбuregui, 2005.

Granada Television, “Nazi Hunter,” a program in the British documentary series War Stories, 1999.

SyFy channel, “Hitler’s Ghost,” part of the U.S. television series Ghost Hunters International, January 2010, shot at Hotel Viena.

Cuini Amelio Ortiz, Hotel Eden, documentary film, Deutschland 1995 / 3sat / MDR, 1995.

Rodolfo Pereyra, Oro Nazi en Argentina (Nazi Gold in Argentina), Argentine documentary. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nazi-gold-shipped-by-uboat-to-argentina-532304.html.

US. War Department Film, MID 2093, Buenos Aires, April 1938.

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